Bramley Golf Club

Local Rules and World Handicap Slope Ratings

Local Rules


  • Beyond a fence, hedge or line of white posts bounding the course.
  • Car parks as defined by white posts and/or netting.

ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS (Including Immovable Obstructions) – Rule 16

  • The guidepost to the rear of the 5th green, huts, prepared paths, steps and road crossing the 1st fairway, including the edges, relief from interference by them may be taken in accordance with Rule 16.1.
  • Netting at the 7th & 11th tees – In addition to the relief available under the rules, if a ball lies within two club lengths of the netting but not within a penalty area, the ball may be lifted and dropped within two club-lengths of the end of the netting nearest to which the lay, not nearer the hole.
  • Relief from immovable objects close to putting greens may be taken under Rule 16.1


  • The pond by the 12th green is a RED PENALTY AREA (17.1d) when playing the 12th or 15th holes. It is a YELLOW PENALTY AREA Rule 17.1d  when playing the 13th hole.
  • The area of water behind the 7th green, including the netting by the 11th tee, the water fountain and drain cover are now an integral part of the RED PENALTY AREA. There is no free relief from an abnormal course condition when your ball is in the penalty area Rule 16.1a  The dropping zone is defined by a white boundary and sign for the penalty area above, it is the only relief option available under penalty of one stroke in addition to stroke and distance relief. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3 .
  • The area of water bounding the 10th green and between the 16th, 17th and 18th holes are designated as RED PENALTY AREA (17.1d) no matter which hole is play.


  • The left-hand side of the 1st and right-hand side of the 15th and 16th hole practice range (at foot of bank) are defined by red posts with a green top. Relief must be taken from interference of NO PLAY ZONE in a RED PENALTY AREA Rule 17.1e

Course Handicap Tables

Men's Purple - CR-69.4 Par 69 Slope 123 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Men's White - CR-69.3 Par 69 Slope 122 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Men's Yellow - CR-67.6 Par 69 Slope 118 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Men's Red - CR-66.1 Par 69 Slope 106 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Men's Blue - CR-62.8 Par 69 Slope 105 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Women's White - CR-74.4 Par 72 Slope 133 -   Please Click here for handicap table

Women's Yellow - CR-72.2Par 72 Slope 125 -   Please Click here for handicap table

Women's Red - CR-71.2 Par 72 Slope 126 -  Please Click here for handicap table

Women's Blue - CR-66 Par 72 Slope 114 -   Please Click here for handicap table


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